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Sol is the first development in the City of Austin to utilize a sub-grade bio-filtration system to handle the water quality requirements mandated by the city. Run-off from impervious surfaces (streets, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) is directed through a sedimentation pond and into a series of chambers located under the community park. From there it percolates through a layer of gravel and sand, and ultimately goes back into the aquifer.

All landscaping planned for Sol is drought resistant, low-impact vegetation. The result is that little or no water is needed for irrigation aside from typical natural rainfall. Each home is also rainwater collection ready.
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1127 Perry Road
Austin, TX 78721

512.374.0946 x 29
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Why Sol? Sol balances the financial and environmental impact of sustainable development with its political merits and implications. Visit Designed by KRDB, built by beck-reit and sons Designed by KRDB  Built by Beck Reit and Sons
“As architects, we have a responsibility to take a longer term view of development and conceptualize more holistic, sustainable models.“
– Chris Krager, KRDB