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Net Zero capable, 4 to 5-star Austin Energy Green Built.

The following green building technologies create the Sol. model for net zero energy development.
We have made use of operable windows for passive ventilation and daylighting, placing the majority of windows on North and South facades rather than East and West and provided shade whenever possible from direct solar heat gain. Good passive design reduces energy loads in both summer and winter, and provides for a healthier home that is connected to the seasons and the time of day. Because every break in the exterior represents an increased load on the HVAC system, providing thermally efficient windows is critical to the success of an energy conscious home. Sol makes use of Gerkin Rhino windows, a low-e, double-pane, thermally broken aluminum frame featuring Cardinal 366 glass, which far surpasses energy star guidelines for Austin's climate. Because KRDB is also a vendor of Rhino windows, Sol is able to offer this high quality product at a reduced cost. We use 2X6 studs for all exterior walls and spray-in Icynene insulation. With this system we have found that we can get a similar R-value and envelope tightness to that of SIP (structurally insulated panels). The deeper walls are sprayed with an expanding foam insulation that provides a well sealed, efficient thermal envelope. This envelope paired with high quality windows thoughtfully placed and with proper shading greatly reduces demand for heating and cooling systems. Using the earth as a heatsink, geothermal heating and cooling systems are able to achieve a Seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 27 on models with two stage compressors making use of the ground's constant 75 degree temperature and requiring about half the energy of a conventional HVAC system. Geothermal systems do not require an outdoor condensing unit making them much more quiet and extending their life expectancy 10 years beyond that of convention systems. In addition to extremely efficient heating and cooling a by-product of this system is hot water that can be recovered and used rather heating water through other means for daily use. With all of the energy efficiency measures working together, the total energy demand of house is reduced to about 50% of that of standard construction. In order to generate the remaining necessary electricity polycrystalline photovoltaic arrays, the most cost effective form of solar power, can be installed on the roof of each house. The arrays range in size from 3-6 Kilowatts depending on the size of the house.
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Why Sol? Sol balances the financial and environmental impact of sustainable development with its political merits and implications. Visit Designed by KRDB, built by beck-reit and sons Designed by KRDB  Built by Beck Reit and Sons
“As architects, we have a responsibility to take a longer term view of development and conceptualize more holistic, sustainable models.“
– Chris Krager, KRDB