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Water Conservation Material Selections Energy Generation Net Zero Energy Austin Site Stewardship  
1. Community Park - Lot sizes were not reduced to maximize the number of houses in the project, but rather in an effort to create a more advantageous public/private space balance. The project is planned around a community park, that will serve as place of recreation, relaxation and an opportunity for chance encounters with ones neighbors.

2. Sub-grade bio-filtration - located under the park, this feature is described in detail in the Water Preservation section.

3. Joint Access drives - in an effort to reduce the amount of impervious cover in the project, as well as reducing the presence of vehicles in the public realm, joint access drives are implemented on over half the lots.

4. Quality outdoor spaces - While Sol has small lots, each home design and siting has what we call quality outdoor space; an outdoor area, integrally linked to the layout of the house that maximizes enjoyment and necessary privacy.

5. Varied setbacks - In order to create a more interesting and heterogeneous public realm, the massing and setbacks of the homes vary on the street.

6. Trees - In addition to the many mature trees preserved on the site, we are re-using 150 live oak saplings throughout the site that were part of a former tree farm located on the property.

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Why Sol? Sol balances the financial and environmental impact of sustainable development with its political merits and implications. Visit Designed by KRDB, built by beck-reit and sons Designed by KRDB  Built by Beck Reit and Sons
“As architects, we have a responsibility to take a longer term view of development and conceptualize more holistic, sustainable models.“
– Chris Krager, KRDB